Hello and Welcome to Paranormal Awakening a scientific orientated investigation and research group!  We are a group of like-minded people with an avid interest in anything and everything paranormal.

Group founders: Stefan Lobuczek and S. Cherill Royce-Dexter

Group founder Stefan Lobuczek (navigator) is a former ASSAP Secretary and an approved paranormal investigator who comes from the Midlands.  He is an expert in computers and has been interested in the paranormal from an early age.  His interest was really ignited after some unusual encounters with unexplained phenomena.  Although now a full time carer , he dedicates most of his spare time (nearly all of it really) to investigating all matters of the unexplained, specializing in E.T related fields, spiritual matters and technical equipment.

Group founder S. Cherill Royce-Dexter is a full time mother and housewife and an ASSAP approved paranormal investigator from Staffordshire. Cherill has held the following posts on the ASSAP executive as Deputy Groups Officer, Deputy NIC (National Investigation Coordinator) and then full NIC. She was also the first female to be awarded the ASSAP Michael Bentine Shield and also twice for her outstanding investigation research submission of 2006/2007 and now 2008/2009. Cherill has always been interested in the paranormal as one family member was a ‘medium’, one a ‘faith healer’ and several of them, including herself, have ‘gifts’ of various abilities.

Our moderators are ‘specialists’ in their own fields offering a wide knowledge and understanding and are also dedicated to finding the truth behind the mystery.

We also have other specialist members and ordinary people from all walks of life and everyone is willing to help the others in whatever way they can.  It is our belief that the best way to learn about the unknown is to experience it firsthand.  That is why we participate in as many investigations as we possibly can!  Our members are also encouraged to participate in other paranormal groups as well as this one, gaining even more experience through varied investigations and further discussions with other likeminded people.  Hopefully, this will lead to our members developing their own opinions and ideas even further and then bringing these new exciting views back to us!  This way, every one of our members gets to benefit from each others experiences.

All of our members are happy and willing to assist in any investigation, whether it be a large ‘fun type’ vigil in a well known haunted location or a small private investigation in a family home. 


Our members spend their spare time researching, learning and investigating any type of paranormal or anomalous phenomenon.  We go out to various locations around the country to conduct scientific investigations on any report passed to us, by any individual or organisation. None of our members make any charge for their time, knowledge, use of equipment or their experience, on any kind of investigation.

Members of our group will happily go out and investigate such things as crop circles, U.F.O. reports, strange lights or noises, ghosts, indeed anything that is not ’the norm’. We also spend a great deal of time and effort carrying out research in many areas of the paranormal, often with the aid and assistance of other major paranormal association’s worldwide.

We purchase all our equipment ourselves and we strive to keep up to date with all the latest innovative, scientific approaches and equipment although private resources (or lack of) can sometimes hinder our plans a little!

All of our investigations are carried out to strict scientific standards of investigation although we do take notice of any subjective evidence as well.


We begin with the Initial Case Data.  We go and interview witnesses personally taking statements from them and assessing the situation.  Then we look intensively at the Background Information of the location/building, to see if history has any influence over the alleged phenomena. Once this is complete we decide whether or not to carry out an investigation on location. If we do decide to hold an  invest, we have to consider when, how and exactly how many investigators will be needed.  From this a complete investigation plan is drawn up. Once the investigation is complete a full report is written which includes all collected evidence of both objective and subjective data.

So, please feel free to browse our website, drop into the forum and read the posts, or pop into the chat room to talk to other interested folk.  If you like what you see why not join with us on our quest for the truth behind the paranormal.

If you or anyone you know would like our investigation services, for whatever reason, please feel free to contact us.  We can be reached by:-

Stefan Lobuczek

Cherill Royce-Dexter 01246 239404 or