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That is a very good question! The dictionaries of this world describe the word Paranormal as being something that is not normal practice or of normal boundaries, unnatural in fact. We would say almost the same thing, except we would define paranormal as being anything and everything that is anomalous, unknown, unexplained. Let me try to make this clearer.

If you see a person walking down the street at any time of the day or night, this is normal. If you were to see a deceased person walking down the very same street at any time, it would definitely be not-normal, therefore it would be paranormal and very worrying!

There are numerous subjects and branches encircled in the paranormal umbrella. Far too many, in fact, to try to list them all here but we can take a look at the most ‘common’ aspects of the paranormal world. The first one must be the most obvious:


Immediately you can see how we have hit on the first problem! Naming the anomalies! There are so many names and explanations for much the same thing. Or are they the same thing? Different people call the various types of spirits/ghosts by different names. Some of our definitions are as follows:

Ghosts: In general it means the soul of a person who has died but has not ‘passed over’. We refer to ghosts as being a type of ‘recording’ of a life or of an event, that has somehow implanted itself on its familiar surroundings and re-plays itself whenever! Some would say it was ‘residual energy’ but not active (live). Many thousands of people have seen ghosts at numerous locations and not always at night either!

It has also been recorded that some people have seen whole battles re-played before them and the ghosts of objects, such as trains and ships have been seen. Of course, ghosts are not just visual they can be auditory too in the moans, groans, whispers etc of everyday life.

Spirits: These are very similar to ghosts except that they are not residual energy as they still appear to be able to think and reason and can materialise at will. I believe that these are the spirits that we contact by ways of mediumship and clairvoyance, even by séances. Some people refer to spirits as Souls as they appear to be a person without a physical body.

Entities: The not so easily described group! There are many arguments as to what entities are exactly, but in reality no-one knows! It is widely believed that these are lower level life-form spirits that cause much anguish and despair to the person being haunted by them. Generally classed as evil they are not to be tied in with Poltergeists.

Poltergeists: One of the most exasperating spirits on the planet, these souls that are determined to aggravate, tease and generally annoy people with their antics. They have the ability to move or displace objects at will, torment people by tugging at their chairs or pulling their hair (and the such-like) and annoy animals to make them frantic. The list is endless to what these things can do!

The above are just four of the various spectres or phantoms that are most common to the English language but we have to bear in mind that people from other countries may well have different names for these apparitions than we do. No-one is right, no-one is wrong. You must also keep in mind that these descriptions are just an opinion and are not necessarily the general scientific explanations.


Forteana was started by a scientist by the name of Charles Fort who tried to stop people from abandoning evidence of ‘things’ that did not fit into the ‘norm’, or things that could not be reproduced under laboratory conditions. So, what do we mean by this? Well, it could be anything! Forteana could be the stuff that most myths and legends are made of; some - of course - are not necessarily real. Or are they?

The following is a list of some of the things that could fall into the category of Forteana although most also fall into their own categories:

- Mysterious ‘ghost ships’ floating on ice

- Bigfoot or the Yeti, Werewolves and Vampires!

- Aliens in photographs

- Ghosts in photographs

- Light anomalies

- The mystery of places like Lourdes

- The image of Jesus imprinted on or ground into things like material or wood

- Strange lights in the sky with no apparent source-

- Earth lights

- Faces in the mist

- Stigmata

- Human Combustion

- Miracles and Cures

- Crop Circles

- Reincarnation

- Out of Body Experiences

- Remote Viewing

Anything that cannot be categorised into any other paranormal group is usually labelled Forteana although Forteana itself usually skirts and includes many other paranormal categories!


This is an area of the paranormal that instigates a wide variety of responses from a lot of people but it is an area that is often overlooked by the paranormal enthusiasts.

There has long been speculation about Alien life once existing or visiting our planet. There was a time when it was fashionable to state that the great pyramids of Egypt were designed and created by such Aliens. Some religious cults were founded on these claims but once scientists discovered ‘the truth’ Aliens became an unwanted fashion accessory! It was also once believed that as the Rosicrucian’s were so more advanced in mathematics and science, they must have been some kind of descendant from an alien being!

Today however, there is documented evidence to support the theory that Alien life-forms can and do abduct human beings for whatever purposes they find fit! There are far too many people in this world that could give verbal substantiation to this fact and as the evidence collaborates with other people from all over the world, these documentations can no longer be ridiculed or totally ignored.

U. F. O. footage can also be found of the various types of ‘craft’ that ‘fly’ over our world. Government scientists would like to deny this but such evidence can be found if you know where to look!


Since the early ages when man learned to communicate by verbal means (and not just a thump on the head or a grunt or two!) there have been reports of certain individuals who can foretell the future. This gift of ‘sight’ can come in many forms as the individuals gifts vary in ability and frequency. Here are some of the ways that people through the ages have developed their gift to foresee or predict the future:

Dreams: Stories of dream prophecies can be found in ancient Egyptian papyri, the Old Testament of the bible and in folklore. Some people claim to ‘see’ the future and have accurately documented both large and small disasters all over the world. Other people only have premonition dreams when it concerns a friend or family member. What gives us the power to receive these dreams is a topic still under investigation but it is most likely to be some kind of clairvoyance.

Visions: Unfortunately, some people ‘suffer’ a kind of ‘daydream’ commonly known as a vision. These visions can be about anyone or anything but they come to the receiver in ordinary daylight hours, much like a daydream, or so we are led to believe! Certain people with this psychic ability have helped police forces throughout the world to capture serial killers and rapists etc., by tuning in to their ability and describing maybe, the crime scene or the events leading up to the crime. Other people have had visions of Holy connections, such as The Virgin Mary at Lourdes . As we know, this is now a place of mass pilgrimage.

Clairvoyance: This is the art of predicting the future usually by means of an aid such as a crystal ball or a mirror (scrying). From this a clairvoyant can tell the future of a person but only in ‘episodes’. Some can also see details from the past but this is not as satisfying as Palmistry or Astrology where a detailed picture can be drawn. A few clairvoyants have been known to make massive predictions about an earthly event or catastrophe, but very few are accurate enough to believe this method 100%.

Clairaudience: Very similar to clairvoyance except in this case the medium (the receiver or channeller ) actually hears the voices of spirits and passes on the messages given. Often these are of a warning type message to a loved one. One famous clairaudient was Joan of Arc!

Psychometry : This is where the medium actually holds an item belonging to the seeker (the person who wants to contact their deceased loved ones or to find out the future) or from the person whom the information is required from and picks up feelings, thoughts, images and knowledge from doing this. It is using this method that clairvoyants generally help the police with finding a missing person. Other people can use this method to detect illness that is either present in someone or is going to trouble them in the future.

Necromancy: This is a form of communicating with ‘the other side’ by means of a spiritualistic séance. Various methods have been adapted for this purpose. The most common are Ouija Boards and table tilting. There is a darker side to this practice though and no-one should ever attempt such forms of communication without the practised ability of a competent medium.

Other methods of divination include astrology, tarot, I-ching, runes, numerology; the list goes on and on. All of these methods can be used to contact the spirits and all for the purpose of foretelling the future.


This area of the paranormal is about the human mind and its amazing capabilities. Everyone knows how our brains work like a fantastic new age computer but it is widely believed that the human brain has ‘hidden’ capabilities. The wonders of modern medicine has discovered that a part of our brain is dormant, un-used! Why would we have such a huge capacity in our skulls not to use it? Good question? Who knows the answer!? There are certain individuals however, who can do specific things that the majority of people can’t do. It is most recently believed that this is because some of the ‘dormant’ part of the brain is ‘active’ or has become re-activated for whatever reason or by whatever means. As this is not normal to the majority, it is paranormal and is investigated as such. So what are these abilities?

Telepathy: The ability to communicate with other people and in some cases animals, by the power of thought and thought alone! Telepaths also show a high score on the Zener card test when tested as a receiver with a non telepath as the sender. The general scores are a lot higher when both the sender and the receiver are telepathic.

Psycho kinesis: This is the ability of the mind to cause movement in inanimate objects. A most famous psychokinetic is Uri Gellar, who claims to be able to bend spoons and make broken watches work. John Hasted’s experiments in psycho kinetic’s were based on the theory that these people use a force similar to Electro Magnetic Fields to bend the metals. However, other researches documented that this extra-ordinary power was extremely rare and beyond the realm of physics.

Telekinesis: The ability to actually move objects with the power of thought. This is often associated with poltergeist activity as poltergeists appear to centre around adolescents more than anyone else, and these troubled teenagers have been known to cause the movement of objects that was previously blamed on an unsuspecting spirit! Unfortunately most of the telekinetic gifted do not know how they achieved this power or how to control it most of the time. This gift does tend not to last though, so if you suddenly find you can open the door without getting up - make the most of it!

There are many other aspects of mind power that we haven’t mentioned here but these are just the tip of the iceberg!

As you can see, the subject of the Paranormal is an immeasurable area. As more events and occurrences take place throughout the world the subject grows ever bigger, ever deeper. Investigators like us try to discover the truth behind the cases that are brought to our attention and we will endeavour to carry on giving help and advice whenever and where ever we can!