Of Wolves, Eagles, Crows and Snails?

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Of Wolves, Eagles, Crows and Snails?

Post by Cherill » Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:46 am

Hi all,

I had the weirdest dream last night that definately needs documenting and hopefully someone will give me their insight into what this is about. Here goes:-

I was at my childhood home in Edward Street, except the house and garden were different! :? I went into the garden and lay on a hammock that was underneath a tree, situated on the border of our house and the neighbours house near the house itself. (The tree never existed in real life). As I lay there, I looked up and saw two young wolves in it's branches (at least I think they were wolves, they weren't dogs!). I say young wolves because they were not adults but not cubs either. I thought, 'I'd better tell next door her wolves are in our tree'. So, I got up and walked around the tree to find a gap in the fence (which really did exist) and went through to knock at Mrs Jones' door. She came out (it was the real Mrs Jones from next door) and said she would block the gap off! By this time, the wolves had vanished. 8)

Then, I went inside the house and started to vacuum the living room. As I vacuumed I thought, "I could do with a drink", to which a glass suddenly appeared in my hand. Then I thought, 'some Rose wine would be nice'. To my amazement, a stream of Rose wine started to pour from the ceiling into my glass. I remember worrying that there may be too much and it would spill onto the floor, but it stopped when the glass was almost full. 8)

Now I was in Birmingham with Simon, my son Stuart and my sister Pam. We were going to a concert but for some reason the concert was being held in a shop! We went to a checkout and handed in the tickets and the woman said, 'Aisle 7'. So, we walked up aisle 7 and went through a door. To my amazement it was a concert room. Nothing fancy, but good enough for a concert! We found our seats at the end of a row. Some people were handing out programmes, but they were dressed as Lewis Carroll type characters, well, at least I think it was fancy dress! :? As a man came to us he looked at me and said, "Oh, so your the Eagle"! Of course I argued the point so he told me to check the programme. Sure enough, there was a peice of paper in it............ but I can't see what the paper was......... I just know it had some kind of information that said I was an Eagle! The man then told me to go and see this other man who was at a table doing some paperwork. I left Simon, Stuart and Pam sitting down and went across to this other man, who was busy dealing with all these other 'characters'. One was a snail-man! A man but with a snail tail and shell! :shock: This man confirmed I was indeed an Eagle. I said, "but we don't get Eagles in this country", then he replied, "That's why you appear as a crow!"

I sat down rather mystified and then the lights went down, the curtains opened and I realised my sister was missing. Then, she came strutting out on stage, dressed in a suit of trousers and jacket and began singing! Pam can't sing a note! She wasn't half bad either! :) Then, a woman who was in front of us commented on how Pam was walking and I went balistic at her. I felt so proud of Pam! :o

At this, the alarm went off! TUT. :(

so folks, what would you make of this one then?
Blessed be!


"sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare." J. Ceaser.

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