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Joining PASSA

Post by Cherill » Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:17 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to PASSA.

We hope you have enjoyed browsing some of our forums? If you would like to join our group and post your views and ideas on the various topics, plus see even more forums, please follow the procedure below and do not attempt to register by the forum itself. This is because we have disabled the automatic registration facility due to a very high amount of 'spam' users attempting to infiltrate our site.

To join :-

Please send an e-mail containing the following information to:-

We need :-
1) Your name (First and Surname please).
2) The name you would like to be known as on the forum.
3) The password you would like to use to gain access to the forum (you may change this once you have access to the forum.)
4) Your postcode and number of the building you live in.
5) A contact telephone number.

If the information we require is not supplied your application will not succeed. None of the supplied information will be kept by us once verification has been established.

Please note that once you have joined, you will need to make a post to the main forum within the first two weeks of joining or your membership will be cancelled.

Thank you for browsing here. We hope you will join us! :)

Blessed be!


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