This is a place to discuss dreams/perceptions of other realms and early memory.

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Post by brett » Tue Sep 04, 2007 4:01 pm

hi all - now i don't usually say too much about this kind of stuff - but i had a vision when i was a child - and it has been bugging the HELL outta me since then

- remember back in 1956 ( yes i am that old :roll: ) there was no space race /star trek/Dr who/sky at night ( well there may have been ?? ) programs about space / UFOs ( well not that we got told about ) clangers / fireball XL5 / Blake's 7 / andromeda / ( insert any other space program here ) and Dr Werner Von B was still flinging 2nd hand v2's at the atmosphere

soo how did i have the following vision ?? - ( in glorious technicolour and surround sound /vision ) - i am stood on a planet surface - not this one i think looking up at moons and plant systems VERY CLOSE !! ( like what you see in the sci fi films today ) - one of them had rings round it like Saturn - i asked my parents "when do the planets come close ??" and was dismissed with "don't be so silly - it was just a dream " - ER at 4-5 years old - preschool ( none of your get rid of em at 2 to playschool in them days ) - and certainly some years before i even learnt there WHERE SUCH THINGS AS PLANETS :shock:

any one want to take a shot at this one for me ??

my solution - i was somewhere else and it was either a pre birth memory - or i was astral traveling somehow ( can kids do that ?? ) - what ever it was very real - i saw a program many years later with near enough the same scene as i saw - sent shivers down my back :shock:

other solution - I'm more crazy than what i thought :roll: :lol:

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Post by Cherill » Tue Sep 04, 2007 4:57 pm

Hi Brett.

This is a hard one - because I can only suggest half an answer and even that isn't a surety! :?

I do not know about pre-birth memories or about past life memories so I really can't comment on that one - but I can say that children as young as three can and do Astral Travel and they do pick up knowledge beyond that which is expected of them to know! It has happened to a member of my family! :)

I am new to 'travelling' and as such I don't seem to travel like the conventional traveller describes it. I tend to go to 'other places' rather than here on earth :? Yeah I know - it seems crazy, but you have to have an open mind to all possibilities. :)

Scientists are discovering so called 'new planets' all the time now - but they are not really new - just that they have not been looked at by humans before in this way! 8) There is nothing to say that somewhere - out there in the vastness of the universe, there isn't a planet where you once resided.............. I'm told my soul is from 'out there' somewhere! :roll: If it is possible for me - then it must be possible for you and anyone else! Therefore, it is feasible that if you are going to remember a past life - it could be that one! :)
Blessed be!


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Post by Navigator » Tue Sep 04, 2007 8:50 pm

Hi everyone,

Brett wrote
any one want to take a shot at this one for me ??
There is one possible explanation so let me be the one to fire that bullet so we can explore some of the other possibilities.

Brett wrote
my solution - i was somewhere else and it was either a pre birth memory - or i was astral traveling somehow ( can kids do that ?? ) - what ever it was very real - i saw a program many years later with near enough the same scene as i saw - sent shivers down my back :shock:
The whole experience may have been the result of Da Je Vue? In the program there were images that bypassed your conscious memory which got stored in your subconscious. Then your conscious mind stores the same images and this compares with the subconscious record. The mind is thus fooled into thinking that these memories were from a much earlier experience.

Brett wrote
near enough the same scene
This is the tell tale indication that favours a Da Je Vue type explanation. :(

Chez and I both know that there are other unexplainable cases as regards such childhood experiences. There is one that involves Chez’s own relative currently aged five who was speaking at the age of one. This child describes a friend whose description is fitting to that of an alien Grey type entity and travelling to places which he has never visited in a physical manner. The detail of the Childs recollection is very convincing some of which has been physically confirmed. There was also information relating to future events which would result in serious injury. This information was passed to him via his friend (imaginary?) so I asked the child via his mother to ask his friend if he could fix it so the car crash doesn't happen. The Childs friend in answer via the child provided us with just enough information to overt the alleged event from occurring? This helped to alleviate the parents concerns as she was the one mentioned as being seriously injured.

I know from my experience that it is possible for my mind to remote view locations at distance from the body. So despite there being a possible Da Je Vue explanation in certain cases this doesn’t necessarily rule out Brett and others from having had OOBE or remote viewing type experiences during childhood or at any other times. :)

Brett thank you for sharing your experience with us! 8)

Best regards,

Stefan :)
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