Did Dad Give Me Toothache?

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Did Dad Give Me Toothache?

Post by GAZ » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:49 am

Hello everyone, a personal experience of mine now. My Dad passed away in April, at the time I was on holiday and the day he died I developed a raging toothache which lasted till I got back and saw my dentist. It turned out to be an abcess, it was treated with antibiotics by the emergency dentist, I was given a weeks supply and told to consult my own dentist. The antibiotics worked and I consulted my own dentist who said an extraction was my best course of action. Well, they kept putting it off, and re-booking. Then on Fathers day, and I never put two and two together till the afternoon, the pain in my tooth came back, FOR ONE DAY ONLY. Was it my Dad telling me he was about (he could of just appeared instead of playing with my tooth), or are the two totally unconnected and I'm making something of nothing?

Thoughts please.

Gareth 8)
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Re: Did Dad Give Me Toothache?

Post by wolfman » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:08 am

Hiya Gaz
Hers a thought for you , maybe it was your dad reminding you that if you have not had the tooth removed yet to get the dentist to get his finger out. Then again mabye your dad had a wicked sense of humour ( no offence intended mate) and you would recognise this as his way of letting you know he was about

As always just my thoughts and no offence meant :) :)

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Re: Did Dad Give Me Toothache?

Post by Cherill » Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:21 pm

Hi Gaz,

Well, who would I be to say that it is not your dad when I actually died with mine!?! :) Who knows what we may experience when someone we are close too passes on? :)

My advice is to get the tooth out and then ask your dad if that's ok? Then just hope you don't get it in a different tooth! :?

Blessed be!


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