slowing time

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slowing time

Post by brett » Wed May 09, 2007 9:06 am

hi all last night whilst in discussion with a fellow investigator - who was viewing my web cam - we both observed a dark shadow cross my landing and disappear through the wall of the spare room - now this was on a web cam at a max of 5 frames p/s - along side this on my bench is a standard CCTV monitor running at whatever normal composite video speed what ever that is - difficult as one is at fps and the other is scanning at a line rate - but i did not see the event on this which got me wondering .

it is said that entities have to slow down their vibrational frequency to be able to appear to us mortals - so could the fact that the web cam is in effect taking a seres of snapshots and using the persistence of vision thing to provide a moving image effect have anything to do with this ??

we all know that sometimes you can take a series of shots of the same scene and only one will show any thing - same effect ???

could it be that we need a system of variable time laps photography to capture these events ?? - i would think the old cine cameras would actually be of more use than a modern video one - but of course you cant get them now - well you can but i have not seen any new ones around for a long time

new research project forming in my brain here - any tech assistance appreciated

wonder if this has implications for EVP too - if you think about it - could it be that the recording devices are slowing down these too ?? and enabling us to hear them -

hummmm - ponder ponder :D :idea:


Brett .
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Post by Jane H » Wed May 09, 2007 3:47 pm


I dont know a fat lot about frequencies or for that matter spectrums, what I do know however is that I have seen similar phenomena in my own house, which i would describe as kind of like browny grey smoke shapes, this is quite a regular occurance here, and they vary in size, shape and location, there are no particular atmospheric conditions when this occurs and they have been seen by visitors to my house who know nothing about the activity.

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Post by Cherill » Wed May 09, 2007 7:12 pm

Hi everyone,

Hmm, I really need to think about this folks as I know very little about frequencies etc: but the implication seems sound! Leave it with me, and hope some bods with the knowledge come up to help! 8)
Blessed be!


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