has the paranormal gone all PC ??

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has the paranormal gone all PC ??

Post by brett » Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:35 pm

GOD and this makes me sooooooooo angry , i have recently posted a blog on a certain supposedly paranormal web site ( no names no pack drill ) on the subject of the disabled and inclusion in the interest ( as you know a pet subject of mine ) - what did i get ?? , told not to post such things again - seems they too don't like the raw truth about the state of the paranormal community - guess that some parts of it have NOW gone all PC as well as the usual stupidity and motive driven crap we read :roll:

what is it with these people ?? - one must not be negative ( eg post the truth ) - and i even got accused of trying to make a name for myself - well if its a name for telling it like i see it - then so be it - well needless to say i wont be bothering with that site again - in fact this is one of the very few where my brand of truth IS welcome ( OK tolerated )

so it seems folks - either be PC ( HOCK -SPIIIIT ) or don't bother :roll: - honestly this interest IS well and truly screwed for all time

ho hummmm

( wanders off chuntering about bloody PC pussies ........................ )

PS ( on a positive note ) got a short evp last night but cant post it as the system tells me wav extensions are not allowed :?
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Re: has the paranormal gone all PC ??

Post by Cherill » Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:13 pm

Hi all,

Brett, you know your ideas are WELCOME here. I'm really pleased we have people such as yourself. That's why we survive and others don't! :)

I'll ask the great one why wav files coan't be imbedded. I thought they could be................. :wink:

Blessed be!


"sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare." J. Ceaser.

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