Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

Post by Cherill » Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:47 pm

Hi everyone,

I thought I would tell you all a little about my most recent development as an energy healer. When I tell people that I have completed and passed a training course in order to do this, they instantly blurt out, "Oh, you mean Reiki?" Well, "NO! I don't mean Reiki", as energy healing is far less evasive, quicker and can easily be given without direct contact to the receiver and over distances.

Energy healing is very simple. The 'healer' takes the natural Earth energy and the natural Cosmic energy, mixes them and channels these mixed energies into the person to be healed via their aura. These energies are then sent by the receivers own energies to wherever healing energy is needed within their body. With this in mind, the healer cannot promise to treat a specific ailment as the users own subconscious may decide the healing energy is needed more somewhere else in the body! We also do not promise any cures, unlike some other methods of healing. If a cure occurs, it is a bonus. :) We can help to lessen pain by direct touch to the body if the person so wishes, but alleviating pain does not seek out the cause of it. It would be hoped that the healing energy would source out the cause and then the symptoms would be lessened as the cause of the problem is treated. Yes, it sounds like a cop-out but it is quite sensible when you think about it! Alleviating the cause of the problem will get rid of the symptoms! Common sense I think. :wink:

Distance healing can be achieved but something is needed to channel the healing energy into. This can be a photograph of the person to be healed, a hand written note, or a lock of hair even! :? A 'healer' can also self heal as the healing energy comes from elsewhere and not from the person channeling it! However, it is very difficult to concentrate on channeling two different energies and mixing them when you have a migraine! In fact, it is impossible. :(

To do this energy healing and be proficient at it, I have also started my own 'psychic development' regime, without the need of develpment circles or any other person being involved. The results are quite astonishing and have shocked me several times so far! :) There is so much to learn about. I thought it was all bunkum and rubbish before, but I have to admit that I was wrong! (Shhh! Don't tell anyone :oops: ).

I should also mention that you do not have to be able to see 'Auras' in order to do this type of healing, although you do have to be able to feel a persons Aura or energy! If you want to know more, I would be happy to answer any questions about it. If I do not know the answer myself, I will ask my tutor and get it for you. :)

Blessed be!


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