Mermaids and Sirens

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Mermaids and Sirens

Post by Cherill » Fri Jul 07, 2006 6:14 pm

Hi all,

I have just remembered two other mythical creatures that live in the sea. One is obviously the mermaid, mermen or merpeople - if you want to be politically correct! :lol:

I can remember stories from books as a child about how mermaids would sit on rocks near to shore and every now and then a person would catch sight of one! It was reported in the stories that often, fishermen would see them swimming alongside of their boats as well!

Of course there have been the usual films - from disney's 'The Little ermaid', to 'A Fish Called Wanda!'

Then there are the sirens - the 'angels of death' of the seas. These were supposed to sit on the rocks in hazardous places and they would sing their hypnotic songs to the passing ships. The sailors onboard would become transfixed by the wonderful music and would be drawn to sail to it, only to die when the ships crashed into the rocky waters!

Sirens were thought to be the 'evil' counterpart to mermaids and are known to have land-dwelling counterparts in the form of Banshee's.

So, what are your opinions of these sea creatures? Do you think they could ever have existed, or indeed, do they exist? :?

Blessed be!


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