Imbolc, feast of St brigid, Candlemass

Specific times of importance within the Pagan calandar.

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Imbolc, feast of St brigid, Candlemass

Post by Cherill » Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:31 pm

Hi all,

Well, we're coming up to Imbolc - 1st/2nd of February this year and I am really looking forward to celebrating the height of winter and new growth of the earth. The spring bulbs will be starting to come through. Snowdrops are already appearing! :)

On a personal level, it is time for us to start to put together all thos new plans we have been dreaming up since Yule. If you haven't yet made any, now is the time to do so!

Colors for this festival are Silver, White and Green. Trees associated with this time are Rowan and Willow. Plant is the Snowdrop. The animals of Imbolc are the Swan, the Serpent and Sheep. Using these colours and thinking about the attributes of these animals and trees during this time will enhance your capabilities and bring you better 'luck'.

As Imbolc celebrates the Goddess Brigid, we make a Brigid cross and put it on the hearth (or other suitable wall) for the coming year. Some people also make a Bridey doll but I personally don't do that one! :) Brigid was a happy-go-lucky lass, and liked a little joke or too. She is the youngest part of The Triple Goddess - the Maiden.

Imbolc is Fire festival so get out there in the garden, light a fire, 'do your thing' and celebrate the beginning of a new spring to come.

Merry Imbolc! :D
Blessed be!


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