Ostara, Eostre or Easter

Specific times of importance within the Pagan calandar.

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Ostara, Eostre or Easter

Post by Cherill » Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:58 pm

Hi everyone,

Well, it's coming up for Ostara (21st) again and we are making ready for a jolly little ritual to honour the Goddess Ostara, and the perfect point of balance in the year when daylight and darkness are of equal length. It also symbolises the balance between male and feminine, inner and outer, and of course darkness and light. It's energy is one of growth and expansion!.

The earth is coming alive again and spring flowers are starting to bloom. The promises of Imbolc are fulfilled. Now is the time to celebrate fertility (hence the use of Eggs - for Easter!!!). It is from this Goddess that the female hormone Eostrogen was named. The Goddess Ostara has the head and shoulders of a Hare (hence the Easter Bunny).

Eggs also symbolise the whole universe and the promise of new life. The Golden yolk represents the Sun God enveloped by the white of the egg, the Goddess.

The hot cross bun is symbolic of the Celtic cross with four equal armed cross of balance within a circle. You have the two Eqinoxes crossed by the two Solstices, the four seasons, the four directions, the four elements and the centre is the fifth! The circumference is the cycle of the year, the circle of life.

The Hare is a nocturnal animal, and a totem animal of many of the Goddesses, Hecate, Freya and Holda to name but a few. It is closely associated with the moon, allegedly dying at sunrise to be re-born at sunset. Therefore the Hare is a symbol of immortality.

In some mythologies, the Goddess Ostara is also associated with the serpent or dragon energy. At this time of year, Kundalini energy is positively bursting.

Colours for the season are Yellow, bright Green and Purple.
Flowers are all spring bulbs, Daffodils, Catkins and Pussy Willows.
Trees are Birch, Ash and Alder.
Ideas for your alter: feathers, seeds, any plants with buds or spring bulbs in containers.

Blessed be!


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