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Post by Cherill » Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:13 pm

Hi all,

Being a Hedge-witch and circulating with various other paths of paganism, I have realised that the path I have taken is that of an old fashioned witch. You may well ask what the difference is between being a straightforward witch and being wiccan? Well, as far as I can see, Wicca is a newer version of witchcraft and it's followers literally follow a set path that been laid out by someone else prior to themselves. A lot of modern day wiccans follow Gardner or Alex Sanders teachings, although there are more. :?

There is nothing wrong with Wicca! It is just not the path for me as I personally like to do things my way (our way I should say as Simon and I generally work together) - following my heart and intuition. It does help to have some knowledge of others paths though! 8)

So, what is a Hedgewitch you may ask? A Hedgewitch is a person who practises withcraft on their own or with a witch -partner. They usually follow the old ways and do not work in a coven, although they can and do visit other paths rites and rituals to work with them at their invitation. 8)

It would be easy to summise that all solitary witches are therefore Hedgewitches, but I am sure some would say they are not! Confused? So am I! :lol:

What do Witches do then? Well, we honour the Goddess and the God, the Earth Mother. nature, animals etc., we make potions, lotions and tonics etc. to help people. We weave spells to do the same, we practice forms of divination, meditation, shaminism.............. generally everything a coven witch would do. In the old days, the wise woman or witch of the village would also be the doctor, the midwife and the spiritual advisor. Then of course, we have our normal daily lives to live :)

Blessed be!


"sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare." J. Ceaser.

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