Samhain Ritual I wrote for 2011

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Samhain Ritual I wrote for 2011

Post by Cherill » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:36 pm

Samhain Ritual 2011
Written by Cherill Royce-Dexter

As people arrive offer them paper and pencil to write messages to their loved ones, to be burnt during the ritual.

Sweep the circle and cleanse the alter before the ritual begins.

Welcome and thank you for coming to this Samhain Ritual to honour our Ancestors, those we love who have passed before us and also to honour those who have lost their lives because of a battle, especially those who gave their lives for us.

The circle has been cleansed but now we need cleanse ourselves. To show our union, let us cleanse each other! May the sacred smoke cleanse you and drive away any negative energy around you.

Simon to light smudge stick and to cleanse me, then take it to north to start passing it round. (Simon to follow the stick around in case it goes out!)

Calling the quarters.

Let us now call the Elements to assist us.

I call upon the element of Air in the East. We ask you to carry our messages through the Air to our ancestors and loved ones on the other side of the veil. Let your gentle breeze bring them to us and keep us surrounded and protected. Element of Air - We bid you Hail and Welcome!

I call upon the element of Fire in the South. We ask that you light the way for us to communicate with our ancestors and loved ones here tonight. Let the warmth of your fire warm and
heal our hearts. Help us to heal one another. Element of Fire - We bid you Hail and Welcome!

I call upon the Water in the West to free our emotions and help us to connect to those we love. Let the ebb and flow of life and death be a comfort to us this night. May tears of sadness be tears of joy to those who grieve. Element of Water - We bid you Hail and Welcome!

I call upon the element of Earth in the North. Keep us grounded in your roots and protect us as we open our hearts to those beyond our normal sight. May your strength be our strength. Element of Earth - We bid you Hail and Welcome!

Light the alter candles and call the Goddess and the God.

We call to the Goddesses of the night, the Goddesses of the afterlife. Come to us and help us to honour those who lived before us. Those that we loved when they were here on this Earth, who are now in Summerland and beyond. Great Goddess, we bid you Hail and Welcome.

Simon Light the Goddess candle.

We call the Gods of the night, the Gods of protection and strength. Come to us and protect us this night as we honour all those who have fought in terrible wars. Those who gave up their lives on this Earth to protect the innocents so that we may live in freedom and peace. Mighty gods, we bid you Hail and Welcome.

Simon Light the Gods candle.

Call the Spirits of this place..

We call upon the spirits that are so near us this night.
The spirits of this place – hear us. The spirits of our loved ones – be near us. All great spirits, we invite you to join us in peace and love. We bid you Hail and Welcome.

Call the Ancestors.

Let us now light the path for our ancestors to see their way to us. Ancestors, see our guiding lights. Use them to come and be with us.

Light the lanterns/pumpkins.
Two people go round with lighters.

We are gathering to honour all those that have left this plane to walk another. Those ancestors we never knew. The ones we have once known and some who we loved and still love. People who gave their lives for our greater good, throughout the ages. Souls who protect us every day of our lives..

Norman or Amanda

We call upon the Ancestors of this place and the ancestors of our tribes. Listen to our voices. Hear the heartbeat of life and the cry of emotion as we send our songs to guide you here. Come to us. Visit us now as we call you this night.
It is now time to get their attention!

Start the light drumming, singing bowl and voice calls.

Now most wonderful ancestors, we bid you all, Hail and Welcome!

Honouring the Gods

Now our ancestors are with us, it would be a good time for everyone to honour and respect your own Deities. The Gods and Goddesses that you revere. Those you respect. Some of you have already prepared something for usf you would like to say your Samhain/Halloween poem you may do so now, or later after the ritual, around the fire. If you would like to say something, please step forward and say your piece so that we may all pay our respects to your deities.

Allow people to honour their own Dieties in turn.

We will now light the ancestral candle from which all others will be lit. This candle represents all souls connected to us as one and as individuals. Let us light this candle in their honour and from this may we connect to all of our ancestors

Simon to light the first central candle.

We light this candle to honour and remember those who passed before us. Our Ancestors….
Ancestors – We respect you! Hail the ancestors!

After the ritual we would like everyone to take a candle and light it in honour of your ancestors. Think of the connection you have to them and how their influence can affect your lives.

There is also a table of honour for you to place any photographs of those whom you love and who have left us for a while. As you pay tribute to your ancestors, please honour those loved ones whoever they may be.

We would also like to honour those who have died because of their religion, especially those Shaman who have recently been murdered.

Pass out paper and pencils

We are handing you this paper for you to write a personal message to your loved ones. When we are all done, Josh will come round and collect your messages. He will then throw the messages into the fire as we ask the Goddess and the God, and the elements to carry them to their intended.

When everyone is done writing

We call upon the goddess and god who protect those souls in Summerland. May the elements of Air and Fire carry these, our messages, to those who we wish contact. So mote it be!
Josh to collect and then burn the messages

Simple Feast

We will now have a simple feast to share with our visitors.

Take the food.

May the Goddess bless this bread. I return the first to the Earth from where it came. We share this food with the Goddess and the Gods, the ancestors and the spirits. Blessed be! May we never hunger!

Four quarter people come forward and get four plates to take out to their quarter.

Blessed be this wine Take the wine. I return the first to the ground where all water flows.. We share this wine with the Goddess and the God, the ancestors and spirits. Blessed be. May we never thirst!

Second quarter people come forward to take drink out to their quarters.

Two Minute Silence

Now, in honour of those who died for us, in battle and in respect of all those who died because of the war, even if not in battle, I would like a minute’s silence. Terry will ring in the time and will ring it our again for us.

Terry to honour the war dead.

Our time of honouring the dead is coming to an end, but we know they will always be in our hearts. Let us close the quarters and then eat, drink and be merry in honour of them!

Close the quarters.

We thank the element of Earth for your help with our ritual tonight, for keeping us safe and for providing us with food. May we never forget your bounty. Earth, forever in our heart. We bid you hail and farewell.

We thank the element of Water for your help tonight. Thank you for the ebb and flow of life and for the depth of our emotions. Water, forever in our heart. We bid you hail and farewell.

We thank the element of Fire for keeping us safe this night, for your cleansing warmth and your protection. Thank you for aiding the passage of our messages to those we love. May we always keep a warmth in our soul. Fire, forever in our heart, we bid you Hail and Farewell.
Blessed be!


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